Altre persone traduzione francese

Anche il Vangelo di questa domenica Lc 7,36—8,3 presenta una particolare situazione di debolezza. La patologia della tristezza. Quando si fa esperienza della delusione o del tradimento nelle relazioni importanti, allora ci si scopre vulnerabili, deboli e senza difese.

Quante persone disabili e sofferenti si riaprono alla vita appena scoprono di essere amate! La terapia del sorriso. Non lasciamoci turbare, pertanto, da queste tribolazioni cfr altre persone traduzione francese Ts 3,3. La pathologie de la tristesse. Sachons que dans la faiblesse nous pouvons devenir forts cf. In these words, the Apostle Paul powerfully expresses the mystery of the Christian life, which can be summed up in the paschal dynamic altre persone traduzione francese death and resurrection received at altre persone traduzione francese. Indeed, through immersion in water, each of us, as it were, dies and is buried with Christ cf.

This rebirth embraces every aspect of our lives: Today, on the Jubilee day devoted to the sick and bearers of disabilities, this word of life has a special resonance for our assembly. Each of us, sooner or later, is called to face — at times painfully — frailty and illness, both our own and those of others. How many different faces do these common yet dramatically human experiences take!

Yet all of them directly raise the pressing question of the meaning of life. Our hearts may quietly yield to cynicism, as if the only solution were simply to put up with these experiences, trusting only in our own strength.

Or we may put complete trust in science, thinking that surely somewhere in the world there is a medicine capable of curing the illness. Sadly, however, this is not always the case, and, even if the medicine did exist, it would be accessible to very few people. Human nature, wounded by sin, is marked by limitations. We are familiar with the objections raised, especially nowadays, to a life characterized by serious physical limitations.

It is thought that sick or disabled persons cannot be happy, since they cannot live the lifestyle held up by the culture of pleasure and entertainment. In some cases, we are even told that it is better to eliminate them as soon as possible, because they become an unacceptable economic burden in time of crisis.

Yet what an illusion it is when people today shut their eyes altre persone traduzione francese the face of sickness and disability! They fail to understand the real meaning of life, which altre persone traduzione francese has to do with altre persone traduzione francese suffering and limitations. How true are the words of the Apostle: The woman caught in sin is judged and rejected, yet Jesus accepts and defends her: This is the conclusion of Jesus, who is attentive to her suffering and her plea.

This tenderness is a sign of the love that Altre persone traduzione francese shows to those who suffer and are cast aside. It is a suffering of the heart; it causes sadness for lack of love.

It is the pathology of sadness. When we experience disappointment or betrayal in important relationships, we come altre persone traduzione francese realize how vulnerable and defenceless we are. The happiness that everyone desires, for that matter, can be expressed in any number of ways and attained only if we are capable of loving. This is the way.

It is always a matter of love; there is no other path. The true challenge altre persone traduzione francese that of who loves the most. How many disabled and suffering persons open their altre persone traduzione francese to life again as soon as they realize they are loved!

How much love can well up in a heart simply with a smile! The therapy of smiling. Then our frailness itself can become a source of consolation and support in our solitude. Jesus, in his passion, loved us to the end cf. Can we reproach God for our infirmities and sufferings when we realize how much suffering shows on the face of his crucified Son?

His physical pain was accompanied by mockery, condescension and scorn, yet he responds with a mercy that accepts and forgives everything: Jesus is the physician who heals with the medicine of love, for he takes upon himself our suffering and redeems it.

We know that God can understand our infirmities, because he himself has personally experienced them cf. The way we experience illness and disability is an index of the love we are ready to offer. Altre persone traduzione francese us not be disturbed, then, by these tribulations cf. We know that in weakness we can become strong cf.

Dieser Zustand der Wiedergeburt bezieht das gesamte Leben in all seinen Aspekten ein: Und wie viele verschiedene Gesichter nehmen diese so typisch und dramatisch menschlichen Erfahrungen an!

Im Gegensatz dazu setzt man andere Male sein ganzes Vertrauen auf die Entdeckungen der Wissenschaft und denkt, dass es sicher irgendwo auf der Welt eine Medizin gibt, die imstande ist, altre persone traduzione francese Krankheit zu heilen. Wie wahr sind die Worte des Apostels Paulus: Auch das Evangelium von diesem Sonntag vgl. Die Pathologie der Traurigkeit. Das ist der Weg. Es ist immer eine Frage der Liebe; einen anderen Weg gibt es nicht.

Die wahre Herausforderung ist die, mehr zu lieben. Jesus hat uns in seinem Leiden bis zur Vollendung geliebt vgl. Wir wissen, dass wir in der Schwachheit stark werden vgl. En cualquier caso, ella nos plantea de manera aguda y urgente la pregunta por el sentido de la existencia. Otras veces, por el contrario, se pone toda la confianza en los descubrimientos de la ciencia, pensando altre persone traduzione francese ciertamente en alguna parte del mundo existe una medicina capaz de curar la enfermedad.

Su ternura es signo del amor que Dios reserva para los que sufren y son excluidos. Este es el camino. Cuantas personas discapacitadas y que sufren se abren de nuevo a la vida apenas sienten que son amadas. La terapia de la sonrisa. En tal caso la fragilidad misma puede convertirse en alivio y apoyo en nuestra soledad. Jn 13,1 ; en la cruz ha revelado el Amor que se da sin limites.

El modo en que vivimos la enfermedad y altre persone traduzione francese discapacidad es signo del amor que estamos dispuestos a ofrecer. Sepamos que en la debilidad podemos ser fuertes cf. A patologia da tristeza. Amar apesar de tudo. A terapia do sorriso. Sabemos que Deus pode compreender as nossas enfermidades, porque Ele mesmo foi altre persone traduzione francese provado por elas cf.

Sabemos que, na fraqueza, podemos tornar-nos fortes cf. Santa Messa in occasione del Giubileo degli ammalati e delle persone disabili,

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