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You open your Forex Tester 2 once again and keep downloading the data on the next symbol. An hour later, you remember that you need to download the third currency pair, etc. Thus, data download can easily take up the entire day or even several days.

The downloading process in Forex Tester 3 is totally different: Put it to downloading all of your currency pairs and in a few hours, the process is over.

The download process in Forex Tester 3 has become much faster. In this version, the data may be downloaded into multiple streams instead of one, as it was in the previous version. Before you start the test, it is often necessary to keep all of your current charts just as they are at that moment. Forex Tester 2 had Projects and Templates features only for organizing your workspace.

In Forex Tester 3 one more valuable feature was added to them: In Forex Tester 2, traders could change the time shift only for each individual currency. In Forex Tester 3, time shift is set in the projects themselves, significantly accelerating the process of preparation for the test. Automated strategies provide traders with outstanding possibilities to save tremendous time and efforts. Instead of testing a trading system manually, one can simply click several buttons and switch to another task.

In Forex Tester 2, we gave away just 1 EA, whereas Forex Tester 3 will contain 3 of the most common and useful trading systems for automated testing. In the future, we will add more EAs that will satisfy various testing needs.

Now you can drag and drop the pending order, stop loss and take profit lines directly on the chart in order to change their values instantly. This feature speeds up and simplifies the use of the software even more. Traders who work with multiple monitors often complained about the impossibility of placing each individual chart on its own individual screen.

This important issue has been successfully resolved in Forex Tester 3. Now you can freely move any number of windows to an unlimited number of monitors. In case your Hardware ID became changed for instance, when you reinstall the operating system , you had to ask a new key and wait for our system to generate it.

In Forex Tester 3, you will be provided with a master key, so the key requesting process will occur automatically. We are glad to announce that this tool will be available in Forex Tester 3, and you will be able to expand the range of tools for the analysis and backtesting to even greater limits. Our users struggled with the data that contained a large number of price changes within a particular bar. This happened when you tried to test historical data on indexes or if you have downloaded the 1-hour Forex data form other resources.

In Forex Tester 3, this problem has been successfully resolved. Have you ever wanted to assign one of the most common actions that you used regularly to some hot key combination? In Forex Tester 3, you do have such an opportunity. That is why you can do it on your own. Let's assume that you uploaded the data and generated the ticks from Oct 1, till Oct 1, For example, you were examining the chart on Nov 11, and a H4 time frame. Afterwards you switched the chart to any other time frame say on H1.

You will see the last candlesticks of your data period that are from Oct 1, and not the necessary Nov 11, If you decide to create a new project for the same pair then you have to generate the ticks anew. Comments are perfect tools that help you to recall why you opened or modified the order. It might be obvious now but a few trades later, you will not be able to refresh the reasons for your trading behavior.

In Forex Tester 3, you will have access to your comments in all of your order tabs. In Forex Tester 2, when you created several graphical elements with different properties such as color, border size and so on and then tried to duplicate any element, the properties of the last created object were applied to this new element.

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