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This batch job creates and posts currency adjustment entries to the general ledger and updates the LCY balance. For more information, see Chart of Accounts Window. The account numbers list is sorted based on the text data type. The KMU chart of accounts contains the following account numbers:. When you manually enter amounts in the journal, the positive and negative signs for the amounts are automatically checked. Depending on the account type and the document type, incorrect signs are automatically corrected, and a message is displayed.

For more information, see General Journal Line Table. The amounts for customer invoices, vendor credit memos, and payments must be positive. The amounts for vendor invoices, customer credit memos, and payments must be negative. Before posting a general journal you can preview the effect that posting would have on the balances of certain general ledger accounts.

You can open a statistics window that shows the balances of the accounts, and the balances of the active lines that included the unposted values for the current journal. For more information, see How to: Maintain the foreign currency balances of a bank account in the general ledger. Forex cuentas pamm 92 comments Binary option skrill D a forex trading.

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