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With the rise and fall of dark web black markets like Alphabay and the Silk Road , law enforcement officials have repeatedly warned that even anonymity tools like Tor and cryptocurrencies won't hide criminals from the law's long reach. But the most recent takedown of another massive cybercrime forum carries a different lesson: It's still possible to create an online black market even outside of the dark web's cover, grow it to a half-billion dollar operation, and get away with it for the better part of a decade.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment against no fewer than 36 people, accused of acting variously as administrators, moderators, and sellers of illegal hacking and fraud services on a black market forum known as Infraud.

A coordinated action by Homeland Security Investigations and cops in Australia, Britain, France, Italy, Kosovo and Serbia arrested 13 of those named, and took down the website itself, replacing it with a seizure notice. The indictment accuses those dozens of defendants, located from Moldova to the Ivory Coast to Bangladesh, of trading in stolen credit card numbers, Social Security numbers , compromised accounts, and materials to create counterfeit cards.

They were also allegedly involved in malware, money laundering, and so-called "bulletproof" hosting services designed to host other illegal online operations. But just as noteworthy as the staggering scale of that busted operation—one of the largest in history—is its relative impunity. The majority of the defendants, according to the Justice Department's statements, seemingly remain at large.

That includes Infraud's creator, the Ukrainian Svyatoslav Bondarenko. And after seven years online, Infraud also achieved longevity that's far greater than most online black markets. Welcome to the Gamers Unite!

Any advice how to get mallets? I have over 25 certificates and stakes - They say in forums u sometim How do I delete friend? I've removed and added the game and I need Help with Hayday mining! How do I get wheat - How do I get wheat??????? I'm all out and my chickens are starving and I can't I have I think trading books now, and I am afraid there are very very few decent books on day trading.

It takes a mininum of 4 reads to begin to understand it unless you are already familiar with trading intra day. If you are new to FX I would not even start with 5 minute charts, but something slower that gives you a chance to identify a trend for instance and join it before it ends.

Perhaps 15 minute charts. In the new year I am running several live trading seminars where I will be trading real money intra day on FX and indices and then going through in detail exactly what happened at every point. They are pretty full up already, but there are some spaces left on the later ones, however you need to attend one of the Saturday seminars first to get to grips with the way I personally use technical analysis and the way I build strategies particularly intra day.

You may not feel you are ready for such a step yet, in which case have a read of the two books I recommend above. They are not spread betting books, so you might find you also would get some helpful tips from the Financial Spread Betting Handbook, perhaps the second edition which I guess we will get out in the Spring.

Hope that gives some useful info for you. As I said in an earlier post, there is nothing magical about FX, you still need all the components of successul trading in place whatever the instrument you trade. I ordered "Spread Betting the Forex Markets" and "The Financial Spread Betting Handbook" yesterday so will have a good read of them when they get here, almost certainly after Christmas.

Late last night and today I have been reviewing the 5 and 10 minute charts and it looks like this would have been better yesterday. But now you mention it I will look at the 15 minute charts. Your live trading seminars sound very educational, seeing someone trade is often worth 3 books. Back in I was lucky enough to meet and sit in with 2 home traders shares and see how they do it, they emigrated soon after so I never got to learn as much as I had hoped.

I did badly and had to earn a living through other means. Thanks all for the replies. As you said it is an easy read. I learnt that, Managing risk is very high up on the agenda.