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These excess benefits remain on the balance sheet as Pension Benefits — Overfunded. Pension Benefits — Overfunded represents overfunded pension benefits. Current Tax — Local does not include current provisions for federal or national income taxes. It will always be reported as a negative value. This amount may be different from the dividends declared in the same period.

The Healthcare Facilities Industry consists of: The adjustment is used to calculate Diluted EPS. Advertising Expense may include outsourced advertising expenses for marketing. Amortization of Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs represents amortization of deferred policy acquisition costs for an insurance company.

Other Current Assets, Total is the sum of: Gas in Storage — Inventory represents gas in storage as inventory for gas utility companies. Net Income Before Extraordinary Items represents net income before being adjusted by extraordinary items, such as accounting changes, discontinued operations, extraordinary items, and taxes on extraordinary items. Cash Taxes Paid how to be a oil trader in singapore utilized when the Direct Method is employed for the cash flow statement. Percentage of plan assets allocated to equity securities for Foreign pension plans.

Electric Operations represents revenue from regulated electric sales. Policy Liabilities represents payables for claims and losses to policyholders, and other liabilities directly related to insurance policies assumed. Number of Discharges represents the number of discharges in the hospital during the period. This is the ratio of Total Current Assets for the most recent interim period divided by Total Current Liabilities for the same period. Net Change in Cash represents the sum of:

Curtailments and Settlements - Foreign represents the financial impact of the events that significantly reduces the expected years of future service of present employees or eliminates for a significant number of employees the accrual of defined benefits for some of all of their future services. This is the close price for the issue from the day it last traded. Net Outpatient Revenues represents the total billed value for the services provided by the hospital to its outpatients. Securities Sold Under Repurchase Agreement are securities purchased on a temporary basis from other financial institutions with a pre-set selling price within how to be a oil trader in singapore short period of time.