Ladder binary options trading robot 2014

A Ladder option is a type of binary option trade in which the trader is given a range of price levels which are lined at equal intervals like a ladder, for the trade to finish higher or lower than, at the end of the trading day. More simply put, a ladder binary option specifies that the market has to rise beyond a certain price level, after a certain period while the trade is active.

What this means is that there are several price levels to be set, and several periods to be set. The price levels are arranged just like the rungs of a ladder.

You want to perform a ladder trade with three price levels: How do you trade this for the trade to be profitable? In setting your trades, the first thing to do is to choose an expiration time, which for the purpose of this example, we will set to hrs. The next thing is to look at the array of the trade this way:. What this means is that the trader has to do his analysis on how the price action of the EURUSD will look like on the trading day, and then choose from any of the ladder trade options.

One strategy that a trader can use to play the ladder trade is the pivot point strategy. To use a pivot point strategy, the first thing to do is to plot the pivot points on the charts of your chosen asset using a pivot point calculator.

This will show as three lines of support S1, S2, and S3 , a central pivot point and three lines of resistance R1, R2, R3. This means that many traders are successful. However, success does not come based on pure luck; in order to increase your profits, you must have a strong understanding of risk management and strategic trades. Strategies are what will take your trading to the next level.

There are so many to choose from and each has its own particular conditions required for success. Aside from the importance of having good knowledge of financial markets, knowing which strategy to use under certain circumstances can be a total game changer.

Strategies are powerful tools and just simply empowering. Once you develop and perfect your ability to identify an opportunity for strategy, making the right moves at the right time and knowing when to pull back when the timing is not right will become second nature. Inevitably, you will likely start seeing a dramatic increase in your returns. Each strategy use has to be built on two components: By now, you probably already have a good idea of where to find credible and efficient financial information that is helpful for making trading decisions.

Along the way, you will have also gained knowledge and will be less likely to repeat early rookie mistakes. In this Strategies section, you will find everything you need to know about the various levels of strategy beginner , intermediate , advanced , in addition to the ins and outs of particular strategies.