Masquerading as a windows system binary using digital signatures

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Uncle Sam serves Microsoft fresh warrant for Irish emails Citrix opens its third cloud region, this time in Australia Ahh, long weekend. Code signing certificates may be used to bypass security policies that require signed code to execute masquerading as a windows system binary using digital signatures a system. Bioffins find vital sense proteins Ass-troplastic! No, it's a terrible leak of drone buyers' data Facebook dynamites its own APIs amid data slurp scandals, wrecks data slurp applications Amazon and eBay agree to expose potential VAT evaders for UK tax man. Now they can slurp info to their hearts' content What a Docker shocker:

Retrieved December 1, By generating a valid signature for the ZeuS Trojan from a trusted private key, crims can dress the software nasty up as a legit application. Retrieved February 8,

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Richards Moulds, veep of product strategy at Thales e-Security, said that the digitally signed ZeuS binary undermines the system of trust that Windows and other operating systems rely on. Hmm, let's take a closer look at that Intel outside: Navigation Main page Help Contribute References. This key should be kept a closely guarded secret.