Nrgbinary and titantrade fraud

Fraudulent activity is nothing new in the world of binary options trading. Regal Options, for example, was found to be involved in a large scam. A client that worked with NRGbinary and TitanTrade stated that she had been scammed by the companies. This customer provided documents and screenshots of emails that proved the fraudulent activity that was committed by the company.

Issues developed when this client saw that her trading account was depleting, despite the fact that she did not do any trading. Her withdrawal documents were, indeed, verified, but the withdrawals were not processed. When this client contacted NRGbinary about the matter, they did not respond. The client was very confused because she never approved any of these actions.

It turns out that her account was being manage by the company without her consent. When NRGbinary was initially contacted, they refused to reply. When they did respond, they acted as if they did not understand that there was an issue. This client also deposited money with Titan Trade, the sister company of NRGbinary, in hopes of trading with them, and she experienced similar issues.

This fraudulent activity proves that NRGbinar and Titan Trade are not managed properly and that they partake in unethical practices.

Due to their reckless behavior and their shady trading without the consent of the client mentioned here, it is clear that these two companies cannot be trusted. Binary Options Strategy Binaryopt com. Binary Options Trading forextradingsoftwarereports com.

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I can now say who is who, between them. Now of cause we know, because their salary were persentage of our deposits. I hope one day someone will open cases in police to this people.