Option trading class symbol

The first challenge has been recognized, sometimes independently, by other leading scholars (see, e.Blavatskyy 2007, Blavatskyy and Pogrebna 2010, Harless and Camerer 1994, Hey 1995, 2005, Hey and Orme 1994, Loomes and Sugden 1995, Starmer 2000, Stott 2006, Tversky 1969, Wilcox 2008, 2011 ). Some of these researchers have further cautioned that different probabilistic specifications of the same core algebraic theory may lead to dramatically different quantitative predictions, a notion that we will very much reinforce further.

Others have warned that many probabilistic specifications require difficult order-constrained statistical inference ( Iverson and Falmagne 1985 ). Both components of Luce's challenge are nontrivial.