Real options and signaling in strategic investment games between two asymmetric firms

In clear, straightforward exposition and through numerous examples and applications from various industries, Han Smit and Lenos Trigeorgis set forth an extended valuation framework for competitive strategies. Modelle Anatomische Modelle Somso-Modelle. The Tomato Garden Analogy 72 2.

Competition in Last Production Stage: Internal, Resource-Based View of the Firm 45 2. Strategic Investment Timing under Uncertainty 9. Drivers of Strategic Value and Strategic Moves 24 1.

Conclusions Appendix 9. Summary and Conclusions Appendix 6. Exercise Strategies under Incomplete Information with Applications 9.

Mehr entdecken aus dem Bereich. His book "Real Options" is a classic in the field. Introduction and Overview 9. When is it best to invest early to preempt competitive entry, and when to wait?

Main Insights 3. Contrarian versus Reciprocating Competition 5. The Basic Two-Stage Game 6. Portfolio Planning of Growth Opportunities 68 2. Modelle Anatomische Modelle Somso-Modelle.

Mehr entdecken aus dem Bereich. Competitive Advantage in Mature Businesses 58 2. The book follows a problem-solving approach that synthesizes ideas from game theory, real options, and strategy. Infrastructure Valuation as an Options Game 8. Thinking in terms of options-games can help managers address questions such as:

Timing Games for Simple Commercial Options Internal, Resource-Based View of the Firm 45 2. The Market Value of Growth Opportunities 5 1. Though both focus on the same broad problem, investment decision-making, the gap between the two sides--and between theory and practice--remains embarrassingly large. Investment Games Involving Strategic Options

Investment Strategies under Asymmetric Information 9. Equilibrium Quantities, Prices, and Payoff Values 6. Implementation in the Case of Schiphol Airport 8. One-Stage Strategic Investments 5.

Real Options and Games. Overview of Common Real Options 3. Value Creation in Strategic Planning 32 1.