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As such, the same risks associated with online trading of Leveraged Instruments to a great extent will also apply to the online trading of Binary Options. Therefore, all Customers are explicitly advised that the Order Execution Policy and Risk Disclosure of GDM FX, together with all other legal documents of the Company, which together form its Terms of Business and Client Agreement shall also apply to Binary Options and all services provided in connection thereof.

Notwithstanding the above, notable exceptions and differences between Binary Options and the Leveraged Products offered by GDM FX shall be stipulated in the present document and shall prevail over the other legal documents of GDM FX when it comes to Binary Option Instruments and related services.

Certain Account Types and Option Types, for example, shall be available only under a certain trading platform and not under any other system. General information about the available Trading Platforms and their associated Trading Account Types and Trading Instruments shall be published on the website of the Company for general guidance only.