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Though filled with opportunities, this environment only rewards the best and bravest traders who are able to anticipate changes and interpret the market better than anyone else. Currencies continue to soar and sink, and while opportunities are out there, it takes a talented forex trader to notice the minute details that can inform a profitable decision.

The firms listed in the World Finance Forex Awards have the potential to take the current wave of uncertainty in their stride and use it to their advantage.

Warnings were raised that liquidity in the market was drying up, with both investors and banks instead favouring faster trades and avoiding substantial risks. Between October and October , currency trading in the UK and North America shrank by more than 20 percent, Bloomberg reported.

With a lack of volatility, many traders had little to work with. Another factor making currency trading far more difficult was the increased speed markets now operate at. Whereas a change in government policy may have once taken months to fully play out on markets, it now takes mere seconds.

Wild spikes and slumps are now common, meaning that traders need to either work faster, or embrace a far more long-term perspective.

But despite these early difficulties, soon livened up. The Financial Times reported that, on the first day of trading after the vote, desks handled as much as 10 times their normal volumes, with many reporting that it was their busiest ever day on the job. As the Brexit negotiations continue to play out and specific details gradually emerge, traders will find plenty of opportunities with which to make some gains.

The other big surprise of last year was the election of Donald Trump, which created a whole new range of uncertainties and instabilities. With the future uncertain and more swings likely, forex traders are right in their element. Further questions After the previous year had set the stage, started with a surge of ups and downs for the global market.

With the Brexit process officially triggered and a surprise election adding to the chaos in the UK, both the pound and the euro are set for a rocky ride. Traders can expect every tiny negotiation detail that inevitably leaks out to have a significant impact on both short and long-term trades. The US economy also presents significant opportunities for forex traders as Trump continues to make his moves. As his first few months in office have already shown, the president is not beyond completely reversing his policies, and while the tremendous instability this causes may be problematic for some, forex traders with a keen eye may be able to take advantage of the opportunities others overlook.

When signed into law in , Dodd-Frank led to the closure of many smaller US-based forex businesses that were unable to maintain new minimum capital levels. But if capital requirements were to be eased, as is expected, smaller foreign brokers could soon return to US shores and shake up the market.

There is even potential for new companies to be created from scratch, something that has been more or less impossible over the past few years. The expectation of further rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve is also poised to liven up the economy. By doing so you will have the peace of mind in knowing you will have those regulatory bodies to fall back on in the unlikely event you experience any problems trading at any of their licensed Brokers.

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